• Dish Pro Plus Separator

Dish Pro Plus Separator


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Enables you to run 1 cable into the home and feed dual tuner DISH Pro Receivers (322, 921, 721*, 522, 622, 625 and 942) making installations a snap.

When used with the DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch or a DISH Pro Plus Twin LNB dish, this product will allow you to run a dual tuner satellite receiver such as the 322, 921, 721*, 522, 622, 625 and 942 with a single RG6 cable from the dish.

This product will not work without the use of a DISH Pro Plus Twin LNB (DPP) or a DISH Pro Plus 44 switch (DPP44). Please make sure that a DPP44 multiswitch is part of your system prior to purchase of the DP Separator.

The DP Separator will not work with a standard DISH Pro Twin LNB dish (DP)

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