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CDD 3 ft. Galvanized Tripod Kit, comes with 24 Pole, 1 5/8" & 2" OD (Universal Post Kit)

CDD Digital Satellite Finder with LCD Display and Audio Tone

Ground Block Quad 3 GHz High Frequency


Ground Rod 4 Ft

Meter Pan Bonding Connector

Additional IR Remote Control for HD Receiver or PVR

Eagle Aspen P7002AP 2-Way 5-2600 MHz, All Ports Pass


Single Ground Block, 3 GHz

Split Bolt #4

Aluminum Ground Lug for 10AWG Wire

CCD Analog Satellite Meter Finder

CDD 18" "J" Pipe Mount for use with Off-Air TV Antenna and Satellite

CDD 5 ft. Heavy Duty Galvanized Tripod

Dish Pro Plus Separator

Dual Ground Block, 3 GHz

Non Penetrating Roof Mount 24 1/2" x 37 1/2"


Steren 201-747 4 x 8 Multi-Switch for Shaw Direct & DirecTV

Belden TNB4003 Aluminum Dual Ground Lug

Shaw Direct 75 cm Satellite Dish with XKU Lnbf

Dish Pro Plus Quad LNBF

Front Bonding Clamp for Meter Pan

Ground Wire, 12AWG, Green Jacket, 500 Ft

Split Bolt #2

Split Bolt #8

Applied Instruments XR-TS2-01 Tuner Module for use with XR-3 for North American DBS & Broadcast TVRO


DirecTV SL5, 5 Head Lnbf for AU95 Satellite Dish

DirecTV Slimline SL5 KA/KU Satellite Dish for 5 Satellites

Eagle Aspen P7002 2-Way 5-2600 MHz, One Port Pass

Galvanized Ground Strap 9"

Ground Clamp for Water Pipe


Ground Loop Isolator for Cable TV

Ground Strap Copper 6 1/2"

Ground Strap Galvanized 12"

Ground Wire, 14AWG, Green Jacket, 500 Ft

Holland Electronics Diplexer UHF/VHF, 5-2150 MHz

Perfect Vision PVSC07GGUL Beam Grounding Clamp

SC13BZ1 Galvanized Ground Strap 6"

SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner

SKYPAD2 Roof Pad for Non-Penetrating Mounts 36in x 36in

Aska 20dB In-Line Amplifier 950 - 2400Mhz


SW-44 4 X 4 Multi Switch for Bell or Dishnet, Power Supply Included

Winegard DS-2416 28" J Mount for use with Off-Air TV Antenna and Satellite

Applied Instruments 978-00008 Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case

Bell 20" Elliptical Satellite Dish (Dish Only)

BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter

CDD 39" J Pipe Mount for use with Off-Air TV Antenna and Satellite

CDD Non Penetrating Mount, Adjustable Mast

Directional Map Compass

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