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Bell ExpressVU DishPro Pro Plus DPP Twin LNB Satellite

DirecTV Slimline SL5 KA/KU Satellite Dish for 5 Satellites

Applied Instruments XR-TS2-01 Tuner Module for use with XR-3 for North American DBS & Broadcast TVRO

Shaw Direct DSR830 Dual Tuner Advanced HD PVR System c/w Dish and LNBF

Dish 1000.2 Dishpro Plus Triple LNBF For 110, 119 129

DIRECTV 5D2RBLNB Digital Reverse Band 5 UltraHD 4K LNB

HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain VHF / UHF Combo - Maximal Range: 65 Miles

Applied Instruments XR-3 Modular Test Instrument with Wi-Fi


Winegard TR3535 Tripod with Carry Bag

Split Bolt #6

SW-44 4 X 4 Multi Switch for Bell or Dishnet, Power Supply Included

SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner

Ground Clamp for Beam

Ground Wire, 14AWG, Green Jacket, 500 Ft

Holland Electronics CISP-HR Ground Loop Isolator for Cable TV

Eagle Aspen P7008AP 8-Way 5-2600 MHz, All Ports Pass

Eagle Aspen P7004 4-Way 5-2600 MHz, One Port Pass


Dish Network 1000.2 Dish For 110, 119 & 129

DIRECTV SL5 Slimline 5 LNB with Built-In Multiswitch 4 Output

DirecTV PI-21 21V 1.5A Power Inserter for Slim Line Dishes

Directional Map Compass

CDD Non Penetrating Mount, Adjustable Mast Complete with 1.75" and 2" OD Mast

Aska ASK2014 Heavy Duty 3ft Tripod Base with 28" Mast, 1.66" OD

CDD 10 ft. Heavy Duty Galvanized Tripod (Pole not included)

Steren 203-622 SkyTracker Pro II Dual LNB Digital Satellite Meter Kit

Amplifier for HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna - Maximal Range: 25 Miles

Winegard TR-1518 Carryout® Tripod Mount


Skywalker SKY6016 Dish Tripod w/Dish Level and Compass

Skywalker SKYUC Signature Series U-Bolt Nest Assembly, qty2

Winegard DS-2076 76 cm / 30" Satellite Dish Antenna, Bulk


SW-21 2 X 1 Multi Switch for Bell or Dishnet


Shaw Direct HDPVR630 HD Video Recorder Satellite Receiver

Eagle Aspen DTV 3 X 4 Mini Max Multi Switch 40-2050 MHz

Holland GHPNA-4 4-Way IPTV Coaxial Splitter

Holland GHPNA-3 3-Way IPTV Coaxial Splitter

Holland GHPNA-2 2-Way IPTV Coaxial Splitter

Eagle Aspen 501080 3 X 8 Multi Switch for Shaw Direct or DirecTV

Eagle Aspen P7003AP 3-Way 5-2600 MHz, All Ports Pass


DP Plus LNBF with Built in Switch for Orbital Locations; 118.7°, 110, 119°

DirecTV SL5S, 5 Head Single Wire Lnbf for AT9 and AU9 Slim Line Dishes

BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter

Applied Instruments 978-00008 Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case

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