Canada could have its own satellite launch capability

Posted on 26 January 2017


Now Canadian space analyst Chuck Black has dug up a report from 2009 written for the Canadian Space Agency that concluded that Canada could develop such a capability, and at a reasonable cost. More from Chuck Black:

The feasibility of an indigenous Canadian microsatellite launch system of specified capabilities (150kg to 800km sun-synchronous orbit) was examined, the report noted. It was confirmed that such a capability would meet much of the projected Canadian need, particularly as the utility of microsatellites has been increasing over time.” 


The report concluded that, “As a result of this study, we have determined that the original goals are feasible and can be achieved at a reasonable cost.” Overall cost was estimated at approximately $187M CDN over seven years; although a smaller satellite launcher could be built for less.”

Black asked the Canadian Space Agency why the study was never followed through on. He didn’t get an immediate answer.

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