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Saga SAG5400HE Speaker Selector 4 Zone Dual Source with Volume Control


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Saga Elite™ 4-Zone Dual Source Stereo Speaker Selector

Whether you’re a store owner, restaurant owner, or just a raving audiophile, you need a sound system that is easy to operate. The SAG5400HE allows you to operate up to four zones of stereo sound, all from one location. This Dual Source Speaker Selector from our Saga Elite™ series is a highly efficient impedance-matching selector designed for use with both 4-ohm or 8-ohm amplifiers and 4-ohm to 8-ohm speakers. It’s equipped with a low-frequency protection circuit to reduce subsonic signals, which allows high power operation without amplifier shutdown. 

Keep Your Gear Safe!

The SAG5400HE features selectable impedance-matching autoformers that allow you to compensate for the impedance drop when using multiple sets of speakers. Autoformers are very efficient because of the small loss incurred as a result of heat dissipation. This makes it safe for you to incorporate up to 2 speakers in all four zones. There’s a back panel rotary switch, which is used to set the appropriate impedance based on the number of pairs of speakers connected. In addition, the "make before break" design protects your amplifier(s) from damage caused by potential dead-short circuits. 

Pure Power

The SAG5400HE’s ability to protect your gear doesn’t at all hinder its ability to power your gear. This speaker selector allows you to connect up to 2 amplifiers and delivers 100 watts RMS per channel. Furthermore, it’s able to feed your speakers 200 watts per continuous average. 

Individual Volume Controls

The front panel features individual volume controls that allow you to control the output level of each independent zone, all from one location. 

Slotted Zone On/Off Buttons

Need to turn certain speaker sets off while the music still plays in the other zones? This selector has you covered with its slotted zone on/off buttons. In addition, a front panel button allows switching between two amplifiers for all speakers connected to the unit. 

High-Quality Components

Premium construction provides excellent reliability, precise switching and noise-free volume control.

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