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Metra Home Theater MTH1028 CS-IRKIT Contractor Series IR Kit


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Metra Home Theater CS-IRKIT Contractor Series IR Kit
Amplify IR Signals without clutter. The Metra Home Theater CS-IRKIT Contractor Series IR Kit comes with a receiver, 3 dual emitters, 3 IR receiver inputs, and 6 IT emitter outputs. Compact and lightweight, the entire kit can be installed discreetly and generate signals out to emitters with no hassle.

Kit Details
This kit consists of 3 main parts, the emitter, receiver, and transceiver. Paste the emitter on the IR point of appliances and place the receiver in a position where it can best communicate the signal with the remote control. The receiver box processes signals from the receiver and distributes them out to the emitters which should be placed according to players/appliance locations.

High sensitivity and real-time transmissions allow the CS-IRKIT to produce signals without any delay. The unit is CFL friendly, small and solid, and has a low power consumption of 12 V DC, 30mA max. Remote indicator lights are included on the receiver so users know when power is connected and a signal is being sent. A broadband remote control feature is also included, with a wide frequency range that is compatible with most electronics appliances on the market.

IR Receiver Installation
To install, connect the IR receiver to any of the 3.5mm ports on the Transceiver. It is advised to distance the IR receiver from any Plasma TV or display to control multiple appliances at various locations up to 10m. When using 2 or more IR receivers, make sure there is no less than 6 meters between each to avoid interference. A maximum of 6 IR receivers can be connected to the 3 ports on the transceiver by using 3.5mm splitter cable 1 Male to 2 Female. To achieve remote control options, connect the TV AV cable to the Player/Appliance (Hall).

IR Emitter Installation
When connecting IR emitters, insert 3.5mm cable to any of the Emitter Input Ports on the transceiver box. A maximum of 24 emitters can be connected to the 6 Emitter Input Ports with the 3.5mm to 4 emitter cables if needed. Stick the emitter near the IR Point of the Player/Appliances. Only one is applicable on each Player/Appliance. The Operate Remote Control function faces the IR receiver. Keep moving the IR emitter on Player/Appliance to achieve the best signal transmission possible. Place the emitter at the point which produces the best signal.

Power Supply Installation
With the Power Supply, there are two installation options. The first is by connecting with direct power utilizing the included SC 12V/500m OD 5.5mm ID 2.1mm adaptor. Or, the Power Supply can be connected to the IR Transceiver to Play/Appliance via a USB cable, using the power of the Play/Appliance function to power up the Transceiver.

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