• Element ELE4021 4K/2K HDMI Distribution Amp 1in / 2out w/3D
  • Element ELE4021 4K/2K HDMI Distribution Amp 1in / 2out w/3D
  • Element ELE4021 4K/2K HDMI Distribution Amp 1in / 2out w/3D

Element ELE4021 4K/2K HDMI Distribution Amp 1in / 2out w/3D


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Element 4K/2K HDMI Distribution Amp 1in / 2out w/3D
Never compromise the integrity of the signal when splitting. The Element HDMI Distribution Amp was designed to take a HDMI device and split it without compromising quality.
So Many Great Features
Welcome to HDMI Paradise! Here you'll find 3D and Deep Color support, 4K/2K, Dolby Digital 7.1 audio, and true 1080p resolution with absolutely no loss of quality! Ok, maybe it's not an actual paradise, but this Element-Hz HDMI splitter sure will make you feel like you're in Hi-Def Heaven. It's perfect for when you need to send your HDMI signal to multiple displays. We've even added a bi-directional IR feature! So, whether you're splitting your Blu-Ray player to two TVs, or you're sending your cable box signal throughout the entire house, our line of HDMI splitters has you covered.
3D & Deep Color Support
This device is your future-proof solution to all of your media distribution needs. It supports 3D, deep color up to 48 bits, as well as full 1080p resolutions with no loss of quality. In addition, it supports audio formats in DTS-HD, Dolby Digital TrueHD, LPCM 7.1, Dolby-AC3, and DSD HD.
Automated EDID
Advanced 3D support is great, but not all your displays are 3D-capable. That's why we engineered this splitter with an Automated EDID control. So if you're sending an HDMI signal to a 3D TV and one that does not support 3D, you don't have to worry about flipping any switches. The automated EDID will automatically detect your display's 3D capabilities and sync the signal accordingly.
Bi-Directional IR
Here's where things get interesting. Our HDMI splitter features something that no other splitter on the market features. This device boasts a bi-directional IR that allows the source's IR signal to reach an end display, no matter where the display is located. This can be achieved in conjunction with the ELE9191IR. Take a look at the diagram below.
Secure Design
This unit is both solid and compact; it also has a thick metal housing, making this device ready for any surface.
LED Indicators
This device has LED indicators that show you what's connected and what's on.
Cascade Support
Have more displays to connect? No worries, this splitter can be daisy chained with multiple units to generate more outputs.

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