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ELE13001M - Element-Hz Digital-Audio Fiber Optic/Toslink Cable 1 Meter (3.28ft)


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Element-Hz Digital-Audio Fiber Optic/Toslink Cable 1 Meter (3.28ft) 

This High Grade cable line from Element-Hz brings you the best of whats important and was specifically created for your digital audio demands. Weve gone the extra mile and then some to create what we think are the best cables on the marketWe made the connectors extra short for those tight installs and weve terminated them with precision-polished fiber for true performance, and like all of our Element-Hz cables they come colored coded by length for easier identification. That said, we know youre going to love these cables!

Sound you can feel 

If youre looking for that explosive surround sound experience that leaves your ears begging for more, then youre going to need a quality digital interconnect with high bandwidth thats ready to perform and pass those thundering signals. Many cables use inferior materials which tend to have small imperfections which can cause distortion and even dropped data. Our Element-Hz cables are crafted with a thick fiber PMMA material thats incased in a CL3, UL listed jacket and is guaranteed to out perform your expectations. If youre trying to rock the block or just rattle the room, use Element-Hz fiber optic cables on your home theater install. 




Our Round PVC Jacket is CL3 Rated and as soft as they come! Theyre ridiculously flexible and offer a strong strain relief for those sharp 90 degree turns.


Even though weve got a ridiculously flexible jacket, there are some things were just not flexible on; and thats quality. If you were to cut these cables open, you would see that theyre made with PMMA fiber & gold plated connectors for uncompromising performance. We think you and your customers will appreciate the exquisite build quality these cables offer.

Ziploc® Bags 

Ever been on the job and open all your cables up, start to run the cable only to realize you under estimated the cable length? Most cables are packed in standard poly bags, which can no longer be sold as new. We listened to the run-ins youve experience in the field. Thats why all of our Element-Hz cables come bagged in Ziploc® bags! This simple package alteration allows you to maximize your profits and eliminates the need for B-stock or unwarranted discounts. Simply coil the cable back up and use as new.
Easy to Stock 
There are a lot of options when it comes to cables; so we had to find creative ways to make things easy for you while on the jobOur connector ends are not only color coded by length which makes distinguishing the difference between a 2 or 3 meter cable easy, but weve also printed the length right on the end of the connector for flawless identification.

Smaller is better! 

We know you appreciate the little things; thats why we designed the connector body on our cables to be a small & compact as possible to fit into those tight spaces.

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