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DP Plus LNBF with Built in Switch for Orbital Locations; 118.7°, 110, 119°


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Box Includes:
  • DP Plus LNBF with built in switch for orbital locations; 118.7°, 110, 119°
  • Mounting bracket for the optional 129° LNB is included.
General Information
The DISH Pro Plus (DPP) 500+ LNBF is a new LNBF for use in Western Arc (WA) installations that include core and international programming. The DPP 500+ LNBF uses DISH Pro Plus technology to simplify installations. Like the current DP 500+ LNBF, the DPP 500+ receives signal from the 110°, 118.7°, 119° and 129° orbital locations with the additional bracket and LNBF. The improvement to the new DPP 500+ over the DP 500+ is the integrated switch. The DPP 500+ supports up to 3 dual tuner receivers with no external switch required.

DISH 500+ allows customers to receive programming from three orbital locations; 118.7°, 119°, and 110° using a dish antenna size similar to SuperDISH. (Parts are not interchangeable with other dishes)

Standard Configuration:
DISH 500+ includes a Dual Band LNBF and one DP LNBF.
Models 2800, 6000, and 721 may display the 118.7 orbital locations in the Point Dish and Installation Summery screens as 119K.
Others will display the 118.7° orbital locations as "118" in these screens.

Valid Receiver combinations include:
  • Any DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus Receiver
  • Up to two DISH Pro Plus Receivers or four DISH Pro Plus Receivers.
  • One Legacy Receiver with one DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus Receiver

Receivers NOT compatible with DISH 500+: (*no 129/118.7 support) 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, JVC-IRR, DISHPlayer 7100/7200
118.7°  This new orbital slot is where DISH Network will be increasing their HD Local Network Programming and international programming choices.
International programming transitioning to the 118.7° orbital slot DISH Network will begin broadcasting the International languages listed below from the 118.7º orbital location: African, Filipino, Armenia, French, South Asian, Telugu, Chinese, German, South Asian Kannada, South Asian Malayalam, Bangladesh, Korean

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