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Next Gen ATH-AAA Remote Control Extender 418MHz


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  • Transmits a Remote's Signal Up to 100 ft. Away through Walls, Doors, & More
  • Capable of Controlling Up to 6 Components
  • Easy, Plug & Play Set Up
  • Available in 2 Different Frequency Models

  • Extended Remote Control Freedom
    Use the NextGen Remote Extender Plus to add radio frequency signals to almost any infrared AA or AAA remote control for longer range. By using our patented radio frequency signaling system, you can control a component up to 100 feet away through walls, doors, windows, floors, and more. There's no need for a direct line-of-sight to your component's receiver, so you can feel free to hide bulky component boxes (DVD, stereo, cable, etc.) behind closed cabinets or closets. Imagine a clutter-free entertainment area while still having full access to all of your tucked away components. With the NextGen Remote Extender Plus, this is possible! Use it to de-clutter entertainment stands and create the home theater that you've always wanted.

    Easy, Plug & Play Set-Up
    This start-up kit includes everything you'll need to control a single component. The secret is in the specially designed batteries made for your component's remote control. Simply swap out one of your component's remote control's batteries for the special RF Transmitter battery. It comes with 2 rechargeable 2/3 AAA batteries (which can be charged inside the receiver's base), 1 RF transmitter battery sleeve, 1 conversion sleeve to fit AA battery operated controllers, and 1 single Eye Infrared Emitter cable. The Plus receiver is designed as a "plug and play" device, so all you need to do is install your RF Transmitter, plug in the unit, connect the Eye Infrared Emitter, and begin using. 

    For Additional Components
    Each receiver unit has one Eye Infrared Emitter output that is capable of controlling up to 6 components (if used with the appropriate accessories). For each additional component, you will need to upgrade your single Eye Infrared Emitter by purchasing either the 3 Eye Infrared Emitter Cable (providing sensors for up to 3 components) or the 6 Eye Infrared Emitter Cable (providing sensors for up to 6 components). You will also need an additional RF Transmitter for each new remote control being added to your system.

    Available Frequencies (for adding units to multiple rooms/locations throughout your home or office)
    The Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit is available in 2 different frequencies: a 433 MHz and a 418 MHz. The reason for having 2 frequencies offered is to allow you to have up to 2 Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kits (one 433 MHz and one 418 MHz) in a single home or office (within a 100-ft. radius) without ever experiencing interference. The Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit is ideal for homes wanting 1 or 2 remote extender units. 

    Additional Units
    Now, if you wish to have more than 2 NextGen Remote Extenders, you may want to check out the Remote Extender Genius. The Genius uses one frequency (433 MHz) that can be split up into 6 sub-channels. This allows you to have up to 6 separate Genius receiver kits within a 100-ft. radius of each other. Please note that because the Genius receiver uses sub-channels of a 433 MHz frequency, you CANNOT use the Plus 433 MHz frequency model within the same 100-ft. radius as the Genius (it will cause interference between units). The 418 MHz frequency model of the Plus, however, can be used in the same 100-ft. radius as the Genius without interference. This means that you can have up a total of up to 7 NextGen remote extender receiver kits (the Plus 418 MHz frequency unit and 6 Genius units) within a single 100-ft. radius. For example, if you own a home or business with 7 rooms across a 100-ft. radius, you would be able to install a remote extender receiver kit in every room without ever experiencing interference. 

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