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InstallMates™ NSM1061 Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe


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Installmates™ Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe
The Installmates™ Tone Generator & Amplifier probe is a professional tool used to test and troubleshoot RJ11 cables and individual wires. It can be used to easily identify and trace individual wires or cables within a bundle or group and can perform continuity testing.

Tone Generation & Amplifier Probe
The tester is comprised of a Tone Generator and an Amplifier Probe with sensing tip. The Amplifier Probe is used to detect the presence of the tone on a wire that was sent by the Tone Generator. This can be used to detect continuity in a single wire and can test for breakage points along a wire's length. Additionally, it can be used to identify individual wires within a bundle. The insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors.

Toggle Switch
The Tone Generator unit has a (3) position toggle switch that turns the unit on in “Tone” or “Continuity” mode. A metal sheath around the switch prevents it from being accidentally turned on or off. The Amplifier Probe also features a recessed power/activation press-to-use button prevents the probe from being accidentally powered on or from draining the battery by being left on when not in use.

3-Color LED
A 3-color LED is used to indicate line polarity, continuity, and phone line condition. To test the line, a pair of red and black leads with alligator clips plus an RJ11 4-conductor wire and plug is attached to the Tone Generator unit.

Adjustable Volume Control
The Amplifier Probe unit has an adjustable volume control, a speaker, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for multiple sound options.

Both the Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe units are constructed of plastic and are powered by a 9V battery. (2) 9V alkaline batteries are included.

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