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Royal Racks ROY2214 21U Metal Rack (43.95")


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ROYAL Racks Metal Rack 21U (Black)

In our ongoing mission to create the best line-up of racks on the market, we re-engineered our Royal Racks with a collaborative effort from the best creative minds in the industry. The new 2200 Series of metal cabinets are jam packed with custom features youll love. So, whos behind the ingenious minds that helped develop these new racks? You, of course! Thats right; we listened to what you had to say about improving our installation screws, re-engineering our design to speed up the assembly process, and adding the accessories you wanted in order to make your installs simple.

Out With The Old, And In With The New!
Weve re-designed these racks with a consistent thread size all the way through. We now provide two different screws which are different in length but share the same diameter. Our shorter of the two screws has been designed for assembling the rack. The smaller size allows you to build your rack in half the time. The longer screws are designed for installing accessories and they provide a more stable fit for securing equipment. Plus, weve incorporated a built-in non-conductive washer. Both are equipped with a self-starting tip making this rack simple to assemble and hassle-free.

Mama Said Knock You Out!
Okwere not promoting violence, but we do think a good knock-out is always essential. Of course, were talking about the several carefully placed knock-outs within our new line of racks! Unlike others, weve laced our racks with (2) 2-inch holes at the top, on the base, and along the sides enabling you to easily run wires/cables to your equipment. Weve also added (2) 120mm knock-outs at the top & bottom of the rack, which allow you to easily add the proper thermal management system like our COOL2037 fan kits from Cool Components. Or, you can use them for running wires within the rack which is especially handy when stacking two of our racks together using our ROY1232 Rack Stax.

4 X U = Smile On Your Face!
Running out of accessory screws while on the job is always a pain, so weve developed a formula in order to prevent this from happening to you. Within every one of our Royal Racks comes a pack of accessory screws based on how many U spaces the rack has. For every 1U youll receive 4 accessory screws. Plus, youll receive an additional bag containing the shorter assembly screws. (Ex. If you have a 12u Rack youll receive 48 rack accessory screws, and if you have a 42u rack youll get 168.) Make sense?

Royal Finish
Manufactured from strong steel with a black powder coat finish, these Royal Racks are sure to look good for a long time.

So Easy To Assemble!
In order cut an extra step out of your assembly time, weve pre-installed the casters which offer 3 gray, non marring wheelsAlso, Royal Racks come knocked down for lower shipping costs but can be assembled with all the bells and whistles in about 15 minutes. (Our President likes to brag that he assembled our 16U Rack in 11 minutes. Let us know if you can beat his time! We would love to rub it in his face!)

How Racks benefit both the installer and their customer:

1. Organization is Key: Racks enable you to safely store your customers components in one organized transportable spot which will reduce any service call time that may arise later.

2. Air Flow: Racks increase ventilation which can significantly extend the life of your customers equipment.

3. Security: You can secure components into the Rack, making it extremely difficult for someone to steal or tamper with your customers equipment.

4. Rack Appeal: They give you, the installer, a more professional look and will set you apart from other less professional installers.

5. Price: Our Racks are every bit as good as the competition at just half the cost. So by choosing Royal, youll save all kinds of cash! At these low prices, you wont just appeal to high end home theater customers; but also to the lower end customers who just want a simple stereo setup. Enabling you to offer these on every job, making your life so much easier!

Fully enclosed sides
Pre-installed 3in locking casters with non-marring wheels
Durable, scratch-resistant black matte powder-coated finish
Unique side knock-out for easy wire entry
Gross Weight: 56.2 lbs
Dimensions: 43.95in H x 20in W x 18in D
Comes with 84 high quality screws for installing equipment

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